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Google releases the plus one (+1) button to revolutionize search

Today Google plans to release their response to Facebook’s “like” button inside Google search and soon available as a widget tool to add to websites across the globe. This is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination

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How to search on Twitter

Check this out: Twitter doesn’t come right out and tell you how to search correctly in the Twitter Search. Here is a great table of search operators so you can be more effective on Twitter. Searching correctly lets you weed

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5 Reasons to Fire Your Web Designer

Before you pick up the phone and give your web designer that doesn’t call you back a piece of your mind, know that there’s a better way of managing web design. Here are just a few simple thoughts. Free Design

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Promoting your Small Business Online

“It’s what’s inside that counts.” Many times the things that make the most difference can’t be seen. Here are a few recommendations on promoting your business online. These are just the basics. If you get all of these done, then

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Don’t pay for Press Releases. 20 Free PR sites.

You shouldn’t ever have to pay for Press Releases. Don’t be fooled into paying for expensive syndication packages from press release companies, especially online. While the paid versions do syndicate faster and include things like pictures and more company information,

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Why Permalinks are so Important

It is crucial to use permalinks correctly. A permalink is a URL that is comprised of descriptive words from your post title instead of a sequential number equaling the total number of posts or pages that you have. Example: Regular

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5 Tips for Good Web Design

“Where in the world to I start?” You want to have a compelling, business-like website with a design that will attract customers and earn their business. But how does that translate into a website? Here are a few tips to

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Small business website design challenge

This weekend I encountered another small business with good intentions when it comes to web design and search engine exposure but all seem to have the same problem. I took my wife to a local bed and breakfast and the

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9 essential WordPress plugins for your small business

All in One SEO Pack – Everyone seems to have this plugin on the essentials list and it’s no surprise because it works so well. Be careful to finish the setup of All in One SEO Pack because it has

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Web Design for Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to, your one-stop source for affordable web design for startup and small businesses in Charlotte, NC. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

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