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Marketing Lessons from a Homeless Man

I sit down with a lot of people to go over marketing and strategy for their businesses and websites. You wouldn’t believe how many deer-in-the-headlights looks I get. It’s like the thought of inbound marketing for a website is drastically

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How to get more likes on your Facebook Business Page – Viral Campaigns

This post should really be titled “How to think Virally.” I encourage you to view “The Social Network” movie since it explains this concept well. The idea is to harness your social network to do your advertising for you. In

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Top Free Local Business Listing Sites That Will Grow Your Business

What shows up when you type your business’s name into Google? Your mission should be to fill the entire first page of Google with information about your company. Google Local – should be your number 1 priority. Make sure you

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Own your name (dot).com for Job Search and Personal Branding

Question: “Do you own your own name as a .com domain name?” If you don’t you better jump on it quickly before someone else takes it. When looking for a job or just communicating with the business world, it speaks

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iFrames for Facebook maximum Width and Height

The maximum width and height for a Facebook iFrame page (so that it will not create scroll bars) is: Width: 490 pixels Height: 764 pixels There are 2 good ways of creating an iFrame tab for Facebook. I’m going to

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