Google+ invite – Recipe for Social Success

Google+ Plus Ever wondered why Facebook became popular so fast? Or why any successful social media platform spreads like wildfire? We are experiencing a social phenomenon that is the recipe for social success. Google understands this. When Facebook started at Harvard it was only available to a small group of elite students at Harvard. Everyone else wanted to be friends with this elite group so advertising for Facebook was not necessary. Google has just done the same thing. This is a genius method of creating a demand for this new service.

“Google+ is in limited Field Trial” – Are you getting this message?

Google+ is in limited Field TrialEven the day it was released, most of us got this message. I did too. In only a few hours, the “limited field trial” was exceeded.  This was no accident. Google understood that if a select few of the social addicts in the world signed up for Google+ that it would soon spread everywhere. It was less than a week before I received an invitation from one of my friends to join Google+.

Even though there is a simple “Keep Me Posted” form, this simple message by Google gives the illusion that the trial is limited and that no further applicants can sign up. This is not the case. Instead what has happened is that a huge demand for Google+ invitations has swept the world. People are clamoring and sometimes even paying for a Google+ invitation. This has sparked controversy that has only fueled the Google+ fire.

Recipe for Social Success

  1. Limit the number of people involved creating exclusivity.
  2. Give it an easy to remember name.
  3. Refuse to customize.

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One comment on “Google+ invite – Recipe for Social Success
  1. UPDATE: I got a Google+ invite. (That didn't take long) Look forward to a more in depth follow up post on a review of Google+. My Google Plus:

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