iPhone 4S finally unveiled and covered by Engadget.com

iPhone 4SApple just released the new iPhone 4S in their “LetsTalkiPhone” press conference today. After over an hour of tooting their own horn about various Apple products and new releases, the iPhone 4S was finally announced. Much to the disappointment of the masses who wanted the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S promises to be faster, carry more features, and employs an upgraded camera.

Upgrades and Features

There were several more features that I thought were inconsequential including talking to your iPhone 4S through the microphone and setting up appointments with the iPhone 4S’s personal assistant.

October 14th will be the official launch date of the new iPhone 4 S with pre-orders available by October 7th, 2011. Oh, and for all of you Sprint users – the iPhone 4S will indeed be available for Sprint.

So, sorry. No iPhone 5 yet.

The pricing for the new iPhone 4S will be:

16GB = $199
32GB = $299
64GB = $399

See more pictures and commentary on Engaget’s Lets Talk iPhone Live Blog.

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